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Andrew "I Am Not A War Criminal" Card, Swiftboating The Bill of Rights, & Other Breathless Accounts of Things That Aren't True

What is the News Hour on PBS neglecting to tell you about it's healthcare reform experts?  How are the right wing extremists swift-boating the Bill of Rights?

On this edition of Tell Somebody, hear how the News Hour introduces a healthcare expert with major conflicts of interest, hear Thom Hartmann's explanation of a major Supreme Court decision that "is" even though it never was, listen to how Andrew Card's own response to a question by Kansas City activist David Quinley leads him to a pre-emptive claim that he is not a war criminal, even though he is perceived by many to be one, and compare Card's justification for Shock and Awe with what Ray McGovern had to say about it on a recent show.   

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Broadcast Blues film maker Sue Wilson

Journalist and film maker Sue Wilson came to Kansas City to show her new media reform documentary Broadcast Blues at the Kansas International Film Festival and to talk about the film and the importance of community radio on Tell Somebody.

From the the website

The Movie the Media Does Not Want You to See!
Clear Channel neglects its emergency system, disaster strikes, and people die.  Pentagon Pundits profit from the same war they promote.  Fox News gets a court ruling that news does not have to be true.  And Hate Radio Rules.
Media Policy is killing people in this country.  Literally.  And it is harming our democracy, too.  Lies and misinformation are churning our Union into chaos.
Until now.  We the People are taking the media back!

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David Swanson - Undoing the Imperial Presidency, Mad As Hell Doctors & Mary Lindsay's TIF Delay

On this week's Tell Somebody, David Swanson, co-founder of, talks about his new book Daybreak, Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union.

After that, we climb aboard the Mad As Hell Doctors motor home as it angrily speeds down I-80 towards Des Moines, ultimately headed for Washington D.C.  Dr. Paul Hochfeld tells why they're mad as hell about sham healthcare reform.

But before all that, I have a comment on the twice-delayed appointment of Mary Lindsay to the Kansas City, MO Tax Increment Financing Commission.  Lindsay's appointment was finally approved by the city council two days after the broadcast.

And stick around to the end of the broadcast - former CIA analyst Ray McGovern has a few quick words about the importance of supporting community radio and shows like Tell Somebody.

Tom Klammer

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The Future of Journalism - Glenn Beck or Bill Moyers?

A bit of commentary on Glenn Beck, his witch hunt of Van Jones and his on-air fantasies of murder, and an excerpt from Bill Moyers June 2008 keynote speech at the National Conference on Media Reform in Minneapolis put on by Free Press.

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Contagious Love Experiment, Senators Hide in Children's Hospital, & the Real Death Panels

Josh Stieber was in middle school on 9/11/2001.  Fear and terror and panic were contagious.  Josh joined the Army and did a tour in Iraq.

Reflecting on his expericences there, Josh came to believe that love can be just as contagious and just as powerful a force as fear was, and set off on foot and bicycle across the country.  Josh and a companion stopped on the side of the road outside of Sedalia, Missouri, and talked on the phone to Tell Somebody. 

Earlier the same day, Senators Kit Bond, John McCain and Mitch McConnell hid out in Childrens Mercy Hospital in Kansas City for a supposed healthcare town hall with a hand-picked audience of partisan supporters.  Tell Somebody heard from the protestors across the street.

And finally, we go to the archives to hear from Julie Pierce, featured in the film Sicko,  whose husband died after Cigna insurance denied treatment for him, and look back to when whistleblower Wendell Potter was still working for Cigna.

Tom Klammer

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