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A weekly public affairs program on KKFI-FM 90.1, Kansas City community radio.
Native Spirit Radio's Rhonda LeValdo

Rhonda LeValdo is the host of Native Spirit Radio, a weekly show that airs on KKFI in Kansas City every Sunday at 5pm Central Time.

LeValdo is an Acoma Pueblo Tribal Member from New Mexico, a member of the Native American Journalists Association, and currently teaches at Haskell Indian Nations University.

She was honored by the Emily Taylor Women's Resource Center at Kansas University as one of their Women of Distinction.

In this edition of Tell Somebody, Rhonda LeValdo talks about her radio show and some of her other accomplishments.

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Tom Klammer

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DART House Nightmare on Every Woman Show

On October 10th on the Every Woman show on KKFI, Sharon Lockhart and her cohost Alexis Burdick had a couple of guests on the show talking about their …rather Kafkaesque experience with local government after they found out they had bought what is known as a DART house.  DART is an acronym for Drug Abatement Response Team, funded by COMBAT (Community Backed Anti-Drug Sales Tax 

With the COMBAT Tax coming up for a renewal vote, Sharon and I thought you might want to hear about some serious concerns about a program that even its critics say has its good points.  So, we decided to post an edition of Every Woman here. 

What’s a DART house?  Give a listen 

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Crosby Kemper - Out of Control Tax Abatement

Last August, R. Crosby Kemper III, Executive Director of the Kansas City, Missouri Public Library, lectured the members and staff of the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority about what he called "this weird Alice in Wonderland world we've created where nothing can be done in Kansas City without tax incentives becasue everybody expects theat there will be a tax incentive."  On this edition of Tell Somebody, Kemper gives his views on tax abatement in Kansas City.

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PSR co-founder Dr. Victor Sidel & Ed Asner

Physicians for Social Responsibility co-founder Dr. Victor Sidel comes to Kansas City for a forum on Healthcare vs. Warfare: We Pay - Who Profits?

Kansas Citian Ed Asner is featured in the radio play It's Up to Us Alone. 

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Waterboard Torture Memo, Nuke Proposition One, & The Recipe for Self-Destruction

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern lamented that nobody has read the torture memos Obama released last April - we read the section on waterboarding.

Proposition One for nuclear disarmament activists Ellen Thomas and Jay Marx are the in the studio with Springfield MO activist Midge Potts and Kansas City Activist Ann Suellentrop, then hear Self-Destruction performed by Priest and 3-3-7 of The Recipe, and we close with a song by local artist Margo May.

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