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Tell Somebody Looks Back at 2009

The December 29th, 2009 edition of Tell Somebody takes a look back at the year, actually going back to late 2008 with a post-election look at the Obama transition with author Paul Street and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.  We also hear about Gaza from former resident Mohammed Atwa, then, as we are in the midst of the disaster of healthcare "reform," we  hear about the disaster that is healthcare in America from KU medical student Tim Lyon and Physicians for a National Health Program co-founder Dr. David Himmelstein of Harvard Medical School.  Also, world renowned environmental activist Vandana Shiva talks about "Soil, Not Oil" and some comments from Alternative Radio's David Barsamian.

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Prof. Marjorie Cohn on Iraq Pregnancy Policy-Gregg Lombardi on Renters Foreclosure Evictions

On this week's show, Legal Aid of Western Missouri is looking for cases in which renters are being evicted from foreclosed properties, and the Army general in command of US forces in northern Iraq says pregnancy could lead to court martial and jail time.

In the first segment, Gregg Lombardi, Executive Director of Legal Aid of Western Missouri talks about the new law requiring lenders to give 90 days notice before eviction to renters of foreclosed properties.

Then, Marjorie Cohn, immediate past president of the National Lawyers Guild and law professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law reacts to a Stars and Stripes article that says that Major General Anthony Cucolo III, the Army general commanding U.S. forces in northern Iraq has a policy in place that makes it possible for personnel who become pregnant, or impregnate a service member, to face court martial and jail time.

Then we hear a bit of audio from a town hall meeting on health problems faced by Kansas City WMD plant workers, and the show ends with track 3 of The Recipe's take on the Bill of Rights.

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Tom Klammer

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Will the Supreme Court Sell Out Democracy + KC WMD Plant Town Hall

The Supreme Court had been expected to have ruled already on a case that could overturn a century of election campaign precedent and solidify the faulty idea of "corporate personhood."  Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission started as a case examining the 'swiftboating' of Hilary Clinton during her presidential bid, but an activist Supreme Court expanded it into an excuse to try to open the floodgates of corporate free speech in the form of cash.  We'll get an explanation of all that from Public Citizen's legislative representative Craig Holman.

After that, Kansas City activists Ann Suellentrop and Maurice Copeland talk about a town hall dealing with the health problems of workers exposed to myriad toxic substances in the Kansas City nuclear weapons components plant.

The show ends with a spoken word piece on the Second Amendment by Priest and 337, aka The Recipe, from their CD on the Bill of Rights.

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Tom Klammer

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Big River/King Corn producer Curt Ellis plus classic Bill Moyers

Last April on Tell Somebody, I talked with Curt Ellis, copoducer of a documentary film, King Corn, that aired on PBS' Independent Lens later the same night as my interview.  (I've posted the 2008 interview here: King Corn interview with Curt Ellis from 2008 )

Now, the King Corn crew have a new film out, called Big River, "a 30 minute documentary about the ecological consequences of industrial agriculture."

This week's edition of Tell Somebody features a new interview with Curt Ellis about Big River, and in the second half of the show, excerpts from Bill Moyers speech to those gathered at the first Free Press national conference on Media Reform in Madison, WI in November, 2003.

The show ends with a spoken word piece on the First Amendment by artists 'Priest' and '337', aka The Recipe from their new CD on the Bill of Rights.

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Tom Klammer

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The December 8, 2009 edition of Tell Somebody features an interview with Curt Ellis, one of the filmmakers of Big River, a sequel to the Peabody award-winning documentary King Corn.  With that in mind, I'm posting the April 2008 interview I did with Curt Ellis about King Corn.   Right-click on the mp3 filename below and choose "save target as" to save a copy to your computer.
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Iraq Vet Tomas Young & Dnow's Denis Moynihan

Kansas City Iraq Vet, Tomas Young, featured in the film Body of War is in the VA hospital, possibly facing abdominal surgery.  This week's show starts off with a re-broadcast of an interview he gave Tell Somebody in the fall of 2005.

In the second half of the show, Democracy Now's Denis Moynihan talks about how Amy Goodman, along with Moynihan and a DNow staffer were detained by Canadian authorities as they tried to go to Goodman's speaking engagement in Vancouver.  Apparently authorities feared DNow had come to badmouth the Winter Olympics.

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